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Local Culture and Mark: Relations between Communication and Reference Groups, the Folkloric Festival of Parintins in the Brazilian Amazones

Ana Paula Almeida Miranda

Vol. 6(1), Article ID wsa_261, 1206-1212

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How to Build a New Policy?

Claudia Mireya Caicedo Panameño

Vol. 5(1), Article ID wsa_251, 1136-1138

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The Construction of a Survey on Everyday Food in Precarious Urban Families from a Gender Vision and Social Sustainability

Edgar Iván Zazueta Luzanilla & Yazmín Salazar Ortiz

Vol. 4(2), Article ID wsa_250, 1126-1135

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Masculinities and Care of Natural Resources in Fishermen of Bahía Kino

Edgar Zazueta-Luzanilla, Rafael Pérez-Ríos & Christian Serna-Noriega

Vol. 4(1), Article ID wsa_249, 1117-1125

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Sugar Agroindustry and Its Socio-economic Impact in the Towns of Potosi and Buenos Aires, Nicaragua

Mtro. Rodrigo de Jesús Murillo Canda & Dr. Edgar Palazio

Vol. 3(8), Article ID wsa_217, 879-886

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The Application of the Positive Administrative Silence in the Ecuadorian Legislation

Elizabeth Mercedes Cevallos Gorozabel, Harold Stalin Quiñonez Francis & Carolina Elizabeth Castle Cevallos

Vol. 3(7), Article ID wsa_211, 824-828

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Rock and Education: How Does Modern Popular Music Affect the Construction of Youth Identity?

Lic. Luis Edgar Carrasco Filisola

Vol. 3 (6), Article ID wsa_209, 815-816

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The Preliminary Examination stage and the Required Evidentiary threshold to Initiate an Investigation within the Rome Statute of the ICC

Wadee Mahmoud Alarabeed

Vol. 3 (5), Article ID wsa_206, 797-801

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Religious Pluralism: Achievements, Limitations and Challenges

Diego Fernando Ospina Arias

Vol. 3 (4), Article ID wsa_205, 789-796

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Interculturality as a Construction of a Political (S) Epistemic (S) Project of the Victims of Modern World System

Luis Fernando Villegas Bayas

Vol.3 (3), Article ID wsa_203, 773-780

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The Romance between the State and the Aesthetic

Prof. Imelda Ortiz González

Vol. 3 (2), Article ID wsa_202, 768-772

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