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Botulinum Toxin Type A in the Treatment of Hyperhidrosis: Case Study

Caroliny Scarlett Pardo Muraro1, Sabrina de Almeida Marques1, Ana Beatriz Carollo Rocha-Lima1, Denise Aparecida Gonçalves de Oliveira1, Érika Simone Lopes1, Cristina Tischer Ranalli Aparecido1, Cláudia de Moura1  & Veronica Cristina Gomes Soares1

Vol. 7(1), Article ID wmccr_267, 1247-1251, 2019.

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Study of the Prevalence of Iron-deficient Anemia in the Group for the Defense of Child with Cancer - GRENDACC in Jundiaí-SP

Juliani Franco Pereira1, Veronica Cristina Gomes Soares1, Ana Beatriz Carollo Rocha-Lima1*, Rodrigo Eduardo da Silva1, Guilherme Gomes Silveira1, Daniel Thome Catalan1, Sabrina de Almeida Marques1

Vol. 6(1), Article ID wmccr_265, 1237-1240, 2019.

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Endovascular Treatment of Iatrogenic Internal Carotid Artery Bifurcation Dissecting Aneurysm following Craniopharyngioma Resection

Giancarlo Saal-Zapata MD1, Walter Durand MD1, Kenneth López MD2, Jesús Flores MD1, Dante Valer MD1, Ricardo Vallejos MD1 & Rodolfo Rodriguez MD1

Vol. 5(1), Article ID wmccr_264, 1233-1236, 2019.

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