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AIM & SCOPE: Weber Medicine and Clinical Case Reports (wmccr) is an international peer reviewed journal. The journal publishes original research papers, review papers, short communications and letters that aims to keep scientists, clinical and medical practitioners, researchers, and students informed about the ongoing research and the current developments in the field medicine and medical Sciences. welcome contributions of Case Reports in Psychology, Clinical Pathology, Endocrinology, Cancer Science, Gynecology, Diabetes, Opthomology, Immunology, Cardiovascular Disease, Endocrinology, Urology to related Medical, Clinical case Reports.


Exercises for the Superior Members through the Kinect Program in Muscular Dystrophy Carriers

Alecsandra Luchetti Moreira, Gleicie Kenvel da Silva, Maria José Lopes Silva, Silvania Maria Dantas, Luciana Barcala & Rodrigo Mendonça

Vol. 4 (1), Article ID wmccr_232, 990-993, 2018

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Transcendent Conception of the Other in Hemodialysis Treatment

Mirtha Flor Cervera Vallejos & Elsie Margarita Farfan Flores

Vol. 3(3) Article ID wmccr_220, 903-907, 2017

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Prevalence of Chronic Complications Due to Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in a Family Medicine Unit in León Guanajuato

Dr. Efrén René Nieves Ruiz, Dr. Miguel Orlando Cueto Aguilar & Lourdes Zapata García

Vol. 3(2), Article ID wmccr_219, 895-902, 2017

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Sclerotherapy with Copper Threads for Vascular Lesions Report of a case

Dolly Aristizábal García & Lida Inés Mancilla

Vol. 3(1), Article ID wmccr_208, 810-814, 2017

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Quantitative Study of Health Care Human Resources in Mali

 P. Daou, C. Diakite, M.willcox, D. Diallo & S. Doumbia

Vol. 2(2), Article ID wmccr_194, 705-709, 2016

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Rapid enzimatic disruption of Enterococcus faecalis biofilm using Carica pubescens: a pilot study

Karla Elena Torres-Chávez & Gustavo Alberto Obando-Pereda

Vol. 2(1), Article ID wmccr_173, 563-566, 2016

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Evaluation of Nurses' Perception of the Use of Management by Objectives as Motivator by Ward Nurse Managers of Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, Parklane, Enugu

Ude C C, Nwaneri A C, Ezenduka P N & Ndie E C

Vol. 2(1), Article ID wmccr_172, 559-562, 2016

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Protective Potential of High Molecular Weight Outer Membrane Protein of Pasteurella multocida Type 6:B

M. Ramlan, N. Muniandy, Y. No Na & A. Rasedee

Vol.1(4), Article ID wmccr_145, 290-295, 2015

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Detection of IgA Antibody Against Toxoplasma gondii in Newborns in Two Hospitals in Malaysia

Tong Soon Cheah, Syed Rahim Syed Hamid, Muhammad Hadhrami Mohd. Hussain & Maizun Ishak

Vol. 1(4), Article ID wmccr_141, 267-269, 2015

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Study of Concomitant Fungal, Bacterial, Viral, and Parasitic Infections with HPV in Brazilian Women

Tangará Jorge Mutran, Ismael Dale Cotrim Guerreiro da Silva & Silvia M. Fernandes Brenna

Vol. 1(2), Article ID wmccr_130, 195-199, 2015

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A Survey of Energy Drink Consumption Among Medical Students In The Faculty Of Medicine King Fahad Medical City, Saudi Arabia.

Ali A Mustafa, Nasser A Al-Hamdan, Abdalla A Saeed, Abdulla F. Al Yousif & Njoud F. AlMahfouz

Vol. 1(2), Article ID wmccr_128, 171-176, 2015.

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Basic Application Research on a Method for Earliest Diagnosing Cancers

Xu Han-You, MS.

Vol. 1 (1), Article ID wmccr_124, 141-145, 2015.

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Natural-Science Aspects of Health

E.G.Bryndin & I.E.Bryndina

Vol. 1 (1), Article ID wmccr_122, 134-137, 2015.

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Assessment of Neuro -rehabilitation Services in Delhi/NCR

Ms. Bhawna Sharma, Prof. J K Sharma & Mr. Sudir Padroo

Vol. 1 (1), Article ID wmccr_120, 125-129, 2015.

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