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A Partially Substituted Lower Rim Calix[4]Arene Derivative and its Interaction With Metal Cations

Walther B. Aparicio Aragón

Vol. 3 (1), Article ID wet_204, 781-788, 2017.

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Assessing Information Technology (IT) Skills of Academic Librarians in a Digital Environment

Gani, E., Whong F. M., Esew, M. & Maryam M. Barua

Vol. 2 (1), Article ID wet_196, 715-723, 2016.

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A Semantic Approach Towards a Forestry Information Memory

Yolanda Margarita Fernandez-Ordoñez, Jesus Soria-Ruiz & Reyna Carolina Medina-Ramirez

Vol. 1 (2), Article ID wet_151, 331-336, 2015.

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Intelligent Hardware Compilation with Options The CCC HLS system and XML schema

Michael Dossis

Vol. 1 (1), Article ID wet_111, 62-70, 2015.

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