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100m Analysis: Principles of Proximity and Directionality Involved in Exercises Doing

Mercedes Campillo Piqueras

Vol. 10(2), Article ID weris_248, 1111-1116.

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A Proposal for the Content of the Chapter "Poverty Measures" in a Master's Subject in Economy and Development

María Dolores Pérez-Hidalgo & José Antonio Camúñez-Ruiz

Vol. 10 (1), Article ID weris_247, 1099-1110.

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A Reflection from Teaching Experience in Higher Middle Education: Feedback Is More than a Review and the Implementation of Participatory Techniques Are Not Only Oral

Minerva Maciel Morán

Vol 9 (1), Article ID weris_246, 1091-1098.

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Fun Way or Run Away: Using Multimedia Technology (with Cartoons and Pictures) for Effective Teaching in Mathematics

 Dr. Wasiq Hussain

Vol 8 (1), Article ID weris_244, 1076-1083.

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