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AIM & SCOPE: Weber Agricultural Research and Management is a peer reviewed journal. The journal publishes original research papers, review papers, short communications. WARM covers all areas of the subject such as: Agricultural genomics, Arid soil research and rehabilitation, Aquaculture, Agronomy, Animal science, physiology, morphology, Crop science, Horticulture, Forestry, Dairy science, Agricultural engineering, and Agricultural economics and agribusiness, etc.


Structural and Functional Factors of Cattle Breeding Dual Purpose of Molinopampa, Amazonas.

Elías Alberto Torres-Armas & Polito Michael Huayama Sopla

Vol. 3(1), Article ID warm_245, 1084-1090, 2018.

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Evaluation of Artificial Insemination Services Performance in a Smallholder Dairy Herd Under Extensive Management: A Case Study of KALRO- Lanet Herd, Kenya.

J. Kinyua

Vol. 2(2), Article ID warm_191, 692-694, 2016

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Sustainability Production of Bovinae in Mezquital Valley, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Diego Vázquez Aguilar, Hermenegildo Losada Curstadoy, Sergio Soto-Simental, Juan Manuel Vargas Romero, Armando Zepeda-Bastida, Deyanira Ojeda-Ramírez, Maricela Ayala-Martínez

Vol. 2(1), Article ID warm_188, 672-675, 2016

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Business Alternatives for Beef Cattle Producers in the Northwest Region Chihuahua, Mexico.

Elizabeth Bautista Flores  & Oscar Arturo Sanchez Carlos

Vol. 2(1), Article ID warm_187, 665-671, 2016

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Diagnosis of Sheep Production in the Mezquital Valley, Hidalgo, Mexico.

Juan Manuel Vargas Romero, María Teresa Trejo López, Hermenegildo Losada Curstadoy,  Armando Zepeda-Bastida, Deyanira Ojeda Ramírez, Maricela Ayala-Martínez & Sergio Soto-Simental

Vol. 2(1), Article ID warm_186, 658-664, 2016

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Isolation and Charcteristizaten of Protein Isolated from Sesame Seeds (Sesamum indicum) Meal.

Essa,Y.R, Abd Elhady R. S., Kassab, H & Ghazi, A.

Vol. 1(2), Article ID warm_126, 160-168, 2015

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Breeding and Productivity Aspects of Narrow-leaved Lupine and Buckwheat in Lithuania

Rita Asakaviciute, Danuta Romanovskaja, Zita Maknickiene & Almantas Razukas

Vol. 1 (1) , Articled ID warm_113, 81-86, 2015

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