List of Wesley & Eber Journals


Weber Agricultural Research & Management (ISSN:2449-1640)

Weber Medicinal Plant Research  (ISSN:2449‑1610)

Weber Advanced Physics  (ISSN:2449-1674)

Weber Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Weber Business Management (ISSN:2449-1586)

Weber Earth Science & Environmental Engineering (ISSN:2449-1610)

Weber Economics & Finance (ISSN:2449-1662)

Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies (ISSN:2449-1608)

Weber Engineering & Technology  (ISSN:2449-1650)

Weber Mathematics & Computer Science (ISSN:2449-1694)

Weber Medicine & Clinical Case Reports (ISSN:2449-1624)

Weber Microbiology Research (ISSN:2449-1602)

Weber Psychiatry & Psychology (ISSN:2449-1616)

Weber Sociology & Anthropology (ISSN:2449-1632)

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