Weber Sociology & Anthropology

December 2018, Vol.4 (1), ISSN:2449-1632

© Author(s) 2018. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article

Masculinities and Care of Natural Resources in Fishermen of Bahía Kino

Edgar Zazueta-Luzanilla1,2, Rafael Pérez-Ríos2 & Christian Serna-Noriega3

1CONACYT, 2Instituto Mora-Dirección de Investigación & 3Universidad de Sonora.

Accepted 10th December, 2018; Available Online 11th December, 2018.


This research intends to contribute to a discussion regarding the conditions of vulnerability, inequality and violence in which the use and exploitation that fishermen of Bahía de Kino make of the fishery resources is carried out, which does not encourage development sustainable. It is important to use the category of gender to analyze conceptions of masculinity in male fishermen, which are associated with the use of natural resources. From feminist approaches it is important to highlight the contributions of women in the understanding of inequalities and inequities. It is a qualitative study, 9 in-depth interviews were conducted with male fishermen from Bahía Kino, the selection was made with the "snowball" criterion. The conclusion points out that the vulnerable conditions of traditional fishing are understood and reinforced in mutual determination with their traditional conceptions of masculinity.

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