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February 2018, Vol. 3 (1), ISSN:2449-1602

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Research Article

Phycological flora of the Lagoa da Saudade, Morro da Nova Cintra, Santos, SP.

Thayná Gonzaga Santos & Sidney Fernandes

UNIP - Universidade Paulista

Accepted 23th February, 2019; Available Online 27th February, 2019.


This study has the main objective to identify the biodiversity of ficologica flora Pond Saudade, located in Morro da Nova Cintra, Santos, SP. The study material was collected using a polypropylene bottle horizontally at a depth of 30 cm in the period August to December 2013, and squeezed macrophytes. For fixation of the material was used in 4% formalin. The identification of biological material was performed by optical microscopy, Nikon, the 400X and 1000X increases. Taxa were identified: Amphora ovalis, Aulacoseira granulata var. granulata, Brachysira vitrea, Chlorella vulgaris, Chlorococcum acidum, C. schizochlamys, Choricystis komarekii, Coelastrum cambricum, C. pulchrum, Cosmarium amoenum, C. bioculatum var. canadense, C. margaritatum var. margaritatum f. minor, C. montrealense, C. punctulatum var. punctulatum, C. subtumidum var. borgei, Desmodesmus armatus var. armatus, D. armatus var. bicaudatus, D. heteracanthus, D. maximus, D. opoliensis, D. opoliensis var. mononensis, D. protuberans, Dicloster acuatus, Eucocconeis alpestris, Eunotia bilunaris, Gomphonema angustatum, G. augur, G. gracile, G. lagenula, G. turris, Microcystis aeruginosa, Pectinodesmus pectinatus, Pinnularia acrosphaeria var. acrosphaeria, P. nobilis, P. subgibba var. sublinearis, P. viridis var. viridis, Planktosphaeria gelatinosa, Rhoicosphenia abbreviata, Rhopalodia gibba, Scenedesmus bicaudatus, S. obliquuos var. dimorphus, S. pectinatus, S. protuberans var. protuberans, S. quadricauda, Sphaerocystis schroeteri and Stauroneis borrichii.

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