Weber Medicine & Clinical Case Reports

March 2015, Vol. 1 (1), ISSN:2449-1624

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Research Article

Assessment of Neuro -rehabilitation Services in Delhi/NCR

 Ms. Bhawna Sharma 1, Prof. J K Sharma 2 & Mr. Sudir Padroo 3

1,2Amity University Uttar Pradesh,
Noida, India.

3 Johnson & Johnson Medical India,,
New Delhi, India.


Accepted 18th March, 2015; Available Online 18th March, 2015.


The quality of life of a person can be greatly affected by a brain or spinal cord injury, or a medical condition, which affects the mobility, cognitive functions, or other physical or psychological processes that have been affected by changes in the nervous system. Neuro - rehabilitation, the case specific processes focus on helping a person to live a normal, active, and independent life by way of combating those changes and improve quality of life by various therapies. A large number of neurological diseases lead to severe lasting disabilities and hence it is very important that specialist rehabilitation centers are developed and nurtured. The scope of rehabilitative services has increased with therapies like Botulinum Toxin and will widen further with computer assisted and robotic devices also know as assistive technology. In this study primarily 25 rehab centers are surveyed for their ad equability & timely delivery of services to deal with the raising neuro problems & disability. In this study an effort has been made to study the population ratio served by these centers, their bedding capacity ,etc.

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