Weber Engineering & Technology

April 2017, Vol. 4 (1).

© Author(s) 2017. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article

Tetrahedral Lattice Theory of Quantized Space-time and the Experimental Determination of Its Fundamental Parameters

Diógenes Aybar

Academia de Ciencias de la República Dominicana,
Calle Las Damas esq. Conde, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Accepted 31th October, 2017; Available Online 1st November, 2017.


A Tetrahedral Lattice theory of Quantized Space-Time (TLS theory) is presented. The logical and observational justification for its need is presented. The theory determines the fundamental quantities of quantum of distance (δ), area (α = (3/8)31/2δ2), volume (φ = (1/8)31/2δ3), and time (t). An experimental procedure for the determination of these fundamental quantities is presented. Using the known, experimentally obtained list of the wavelengths of emission and absorption spectra of the elements, applying the before mentioned procedure, the fundamental distance is calculated. From this value, the other fundamental quantities are calculated. The values obtained are: δ = 5.0x10-33cm, α = 1.6238x10-65 cm2, φ = 2.7063x10-98 cm3, and t = 1.6667x10-43 sec.

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