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October 2017, Vol. 3 (1).

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Research Article

Modeling of Suches River Contamination Using Water Quality Indices, Puno - Peru, 2009-2014.

Teófilo Donaires Flores

Facultad de Ingeniería Química.
Universidad Nacional del Altiplano Puno-Perú.


Accepted 6th October, 2017; Available Online 9thOctober, 2017.


The Suches River binational axis of socioeconomic development in the study area, informal mining as a whole produces a series of gaseous and solid pollutants, liquids, which alter the atmosphere and environment. The statistical method used to validate models pollution is the Multivariate Analysis, which aims to simultaneously analyze multivariate datasets formed by OD, pH, BOD 5, nitrates, phosphates, temperature, turbidity, total solids, arsenic, cadmium, copper, iron, mercury and lead. it was established during the 2009-2014 and the three weather conditions. The Suches River in the first part presents quality index 50.00 according ICASUCHES is considered acceptable quality, the model is Y = 579 + 0,245 X2 – 0,270 X3 – 4,25 X4 – 1,001 X10 – 0,207 X11 + 0,622 X12 – 1,107 X13 ± ε, R2 73,50%, presents a pollution index 0.20 represents low contamination presence of micro pollutants; the intermediate portion 36,00 presents quality index representing poor quality, where it reaches the further deterioration of the quality of the river, the model is Y = -134,8 – 0,1138 X1 – 0,0884 X2 + 1,855 X4 + 0,4750 X5 – 0,4605 X10 + 0,1440 X11 – 0,5409 X13 + 0,2422 X14 ± ε, R2 98,07%, 0.70 presents pollution index representing high contamination of heavy metals ; ls finally mouth of Lake Titicaca has a 42,00 index represents a slight recovery in quality, although in this section indices classify water between inadequate and acceptable quality, the model is Y = 12,3 + 0,241 X5 + 0,527 X13 ± ε. R2 which has 50.08%, 0.50 presents pollution index representing median presence of mercury contamination.. .

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