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June 2019, Vol. 14 (2), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

Development of Multiple Skills in Children under 6 Years of Age in Urban-marginal Zones of Huánuco

Lilia Lucy Campos Cornejo

Decana de la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Hermilio Valdizán Huánuco- Perú.



Accepted 5th June, 2019; Available Online 11th June, 2019.


The study on healthy environments promotion for the development and strengthening of comprehensive health care for children under 3 years conducted in the town of Yanag Colpa Baja, La Esperanza, has had like objective, to verify the efficacy of a program related to the integral attention of the children through the promotion of healthy environments, stimulation program, control of growth and development, training on basic sanitation, adequate nutrition and that it has been shown to 90 children under 3 years then attending programs of Pietbaf and Wawawasi in Yanag and parents who were trained and participated in activities considered in this programme. The kind of research is almost experimental using pre and postest with an only group, the techniques used was observing, the survey and interview, using as instruments cards of evaluation according to the variables and indicators of the study, them parentage data were the results determined the efficacy of the program. We found differences in outcomes between the pre and post-test, increase in the indicators of basic sanitation, balanced food, consumption, improving environments and favourable attitudes related to health, proper upbringing of their children, the importance of the control and pursuit of their medical checks, improving the environments and healthy lifestyles.

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