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June 2019, Vol. 14 (1), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

Development of Multiple Skills in Children under 6 Years of Age in Urban-marginal Zones of Huánuco

Lilia Lucy Campos Cornejo

Decana de la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Hermilio Valdizán Huánuco- Perú.



Accepted 5th June, 2019; Available Online 11th June, 2019.


The study was orientated to verify the effects of multiple skills program adapted from Spectrum Project based on the theories of Howard Gardner and Feeldman in 90 children under 6 years of marginal urban areas of the city of Huánuco. The type of explanatory study and quasi experimental design. The subjects were 90 families who were administered the psychosocial questionnaire to identify the psychosocial characteristics and 90 children under 6 years which have been developed and validated the program and Sheet Multiple Intelligences, considering the pattern of development each of these ages based on Howard Gardner's theory, validated by experts. The results found that psychosocial characteristics of families in poor urban areas of Huánuco are unfavorable, the low educational level, usually conflicting couple relationships, little emotional, types of authoritarian parenting, poor communication, poor and with few job opportunities. As for the impact of the program had influenced the development of multiple intelligences of children under 3 years of these marginal urban areas achieving that 50% of children are at an average level, with the kinesthetic-corporal intelligence and intrapersonal more developed and less developed logical mathematical intelligence.

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