Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies

February 2019, Vol. 12 (6), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

Assertive Communication: Exchange across Language

Ana Paula Almeida Miranda

Bacharel em Comunicação Social - habilitada em Publicidade e Propaganda (2010) e Especialista em Gestão de Marketing (2013), Mestre em Comunicação Social (2018).



Accepted 23th February, 2019; Available Online 26th February, 2019.


This article analyzes the practice and marketing context of communication from the theory of folkcommunication and folkmarketing in the organizational discourses that result in assertive communication. Part of the hypothesis that the knowledge manifested in cultural traditions is appropriate to the direct relationship with its target audiences, leveraging sales and / or positioning brands in the traditional market, developed mainly by professionals whose knowledge passes through university education as applied sciences. Journalists and Publicity. In the perspective of folkcommunication studies, according to the research model of communication as a science of culture, the article has as a cutout the Folklore Festival of Parintins, in the central region of the Amazon rainforest, held annually in Parintins, island of the state of Amazonas, Brazil.

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