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February 2019, Vol. 12 (3), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

Self-efficacy, Learning Styles and Academic Performance in Students from Three Universities in Peru, by Gender

Dra. Lilia Lucy Campos Cornejo1, Dra. Lupe García Ampudia2   &  Magister Miguel Angel Jaimes Campos3

1Decana de la Facultad de Psicología de la Universidad Hermilio Valdizán Huánuco- Perú.
2Directora de la Escuela de Post Grado de la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos- Lima, Perú.
3Docente de la Universidad San Martín.



Accepted 16th February, 2019; Available Online 18th February, 2019.


The objective of the study was to determine the significant differences in the learning styles, self-efficacy and academic performance perceived in students of three public universities of Peru according to gender, as well as to establish the differences in the dimensions of the learning styles: reflexive observation, conceptualization abstract, concrete experience and active experimentation. The sample was constituted by 474 students of Education and Psychology of the public universities of Lima, Huánuco and Cuzco, 326 women and 148 randomly selected men. The design was comparative descriptive, the instruments were the Scale of Specific Perceived Self-Efficacy of Academic Situations (EAPESA, Palenzuela, 1983) adapted by Escurra, (1989), the Inventory of Learning Styles built by Kolb in 1975 adapted by Escurra (1992) with reliability of 0.91.The academic performance was determined with the average percentages of semester grades 2017-I, of the students in the sample. The results established significant differences in self-efficacy according to gender, with a size of Cohen d of 0.312 (95% CI: 0.131-0.494) and in academic performance with 0.278 (95% CI: 0.096-0.459) with small size; while in the learning styles and their dimensions no significant differences were found.

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