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January 2019, Vol. 11 (1), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

Development of Social and Relational Values through Physical Education: Curricular Guidelines for Technical-vocational and Vocational Education in Mozambique

Luis Rodríguez de Vera1, Miguel Buendia2, Vicente Tembé3

1,3 Faculdade de Educação Física e Desporto (Universidade Pedagógica-UP).
2Departamento de Educação de Adultos (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane-UEM).



Accepted 24th January, 2019; Available Online 28th January, 2019.


Regarding the work for the development of personal and social responsibility performed by Hellison (1985), Jiménez and Durán (2006) and Pardo Garcia (2008), the present study analyzed the contribution of these models when applied through classes of physical Education in the educational context of vocational and vocational technical education. This research was developed from a qualitative approach through the case study. The intervention lasted eight weeks, and the sample consisted of a class of the second year of the agricultural course of the Professional School of Moamba (Maputo Province-Mozambique) consisting of 21 elements. Several instruments were used for data collection: semi-structured interviews, questionnaires and researcher and participant diaries. During the analysis of the results, changes in the behavior of students and the class were appreciated as collective regarding participation, respect, personal and social responsibility. We also found results that indicate improvements at the physical and technical level. Regarding the transference of these results outside the intervention environment, there are indications of improvement in other contexts. In conclusion, the study allowed to adapt the referenced models for the promotion of personal and social values in the school scope of vocational and vocational technical education in Mozambique, presenting data indicating improvements in the attitude and behavior of Students, desirable for a graduate of this teaching subsystem. Likewise, this research offers practical subsidies for physical education teachers who want to include among their specific objectives the development of personal and social values.

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