Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies

October 2018, Vol. 9 (1), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

A Reflection from Teaching Experience in Higher Middle Education: Feedback Is More than a Review and the Implementation of Participatory Techniques Are Not Only Oral

Minerva Maciel Morán

School of Philosophy and Baccalaureate,
University of Colima.


Accepted 15th October, 2018; Available Online 21th October, 2018.


The present investigation was carried out with the objective of making known that the techniques of feedback and participation as a teaching / learning process are incorporated not only as they are commonly used, that is, a teacher reviews the topic through a power point presentation or in the pre-exam paper, in the same way regarding participation, they are invited to stop their hand to comment on any activity or topic beforehand, because it has been seen that there are students who remain silent, do not pay attention, etc., and they end up falling behind, likewise it is not evident if there was appropriation of knowledge and improvement in their abilities or in the worst of the cases they reject the partial ones. For this reason, a semi-structured interview with a qualitative approach was used to know the opinion of students about the use of these participatory techniques and feedback that were carried out during the semester August 2017 to January 2018 in the subjects of etymology, ethics and skills for learning at the 30th high school of the University of Colima. Within the results it was evidenced that the techniques of participation and feedback with multiple methods show that there is interest in them and produce knowledge, skills, values ??and attitudes because participation promotes that the student in his diverse personalities communicate his reflection, analysis, evaluation , etc., on a thematic content. And regarding the feedback by themes the student will strengthen, relating and understanding the thematic contents seen in each unit

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