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June 2018, Vol. 5 (1), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

The Teaching of Journalism in Brazilian Amazon: To Think about the Formation and Teaching Performance from the Perspective of Interdisciplinary

Paulo Vitor Giraldi Pires1 & Walter Teixeira Lima Júnior2

1 Docente do Curso de Jornalismo da Universidade Federal do Amapá (UNIFAP). Mestre em Comunicação Midiática (UNESP). Doutorando em Comunicação na Universidade de Brasília (UnB).
2 Docente do Programa de Pós-graduação Comunicação, Cultura e Amazônia da UFPA e Curso de Jornalismo da Universidade Federal do Amapá (UNIFAP). Doutor em Ciências da Comunicação (USP)


Accepted 4th June, 2018; Available Online 5th June, 2018.


This study analyzes the didactic-pedagogical organization of journalist training at the Federal University of Amapá (Unifap), located in the city of Macapá, in the northern region of the Brazilian Amazon, through a theoretical and methodological approach of the Communication and Teaching in Higher Education . The problem lies in knowing how the work of Social Communication teachers, from the interdisciplinary movement, contributes to the humanistic formation of new journalists, entrepreneurs and autonomous. The research seeks theoretical support in the studies of Ruellan (2006), Traquina (2005), Figaro (2013), Travancas (1992) and Adghirni (2012) on journalist training, besides Veiga (2005) and Raitz; Silva (2014) regarding the Theory of Teaching. The analysis corpus consists of the 2015-2019 Pedagogical Course Project (PPC) and the Lattes Curricula of the Unifap Journalism Course teachers. The methodology is structured in two parts: obtaining and processing data (which includes the organization and processing of information). The reflection points a new look at the role and commitment of the teacher in the interdisciplinary formation of graduating in journalism, for the World of Work in transformations.

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