Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies

February 2018, Vol. 3 (4), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

The Gender Equality Unit as a Transformation Tool for Equity

María Guadalupe del Socorro López Álvarez

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional del Estado de Chihuahua, UPNECH-Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.


Accepted 30th January, 2018; Available Online 1st February, 2018.


This paper presents the experience and systematization derived from the responsibility as liaison team of the UIG within a first stage in the UPNECH-Campus Juarez. The mainstreaming and institutionalization are analyzed as social policy tools to move towards equity and gender substantive equality not only in a formal but cultural sense. It is part of the problem of the naturalization of sex as differentiated attributes of men and women and their current consequences, without considering the roles and stereotypes historically conditioned in thousands of years. The question is how gender education can respond to the UIG not only politically but culturally to achieve a social change capable of establishing a new culture oriented towards the integration of the feminine / masculine qualities, holistically conforming new identities, relationships and meanings in front of to the structural violence that is reproduced by the power relations in the educational system. The purpose is to reflect on the prospective scope that the UIG opens as a transformation tool for the achievement of equity as an alternative instance with guidelines for political and cultural application from an international to local level in education at the university level.

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