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July 2017, Vol. 4 (1), ISSN:2449-1608

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Research Article

Sândi External Vowel in the English Spoken by Older People in the City of Goiás in Non Linear.

Luciane Silva de Souza Carneiro

Professora da Faculdade Nossa Senhora Aparecida-FANAP.


Accepted 6th November, 2016; Available Online 10th July, 2017.


This work joins the line of research 'historical linguistic and Portuguese phonology' and comes to the description and analysis of the processes known as external vowel sandhi (or hollow): degemination to the avoidance and diphthongization; And others identified in the corpus, among which, the one named by the author of lowering. For this analysis, three phonological levels were considered: the segmental, the prosodic and the metric. The research was carried out in the city of Goiás, the first capital of the state with the same name and had recordings of spontaneous speeches by several non-school employees aged between 58 and 105 years of both sexes. For prosodic analysis we also used reading data from low-level employees (elementary school incomplete). It was sought theoretical support in Bisol (1996a, 1996b, 2003), Nespor (1986), Carneiro (2002) and Tenani (2002, 2003), among others. The main objective is to contribute to the studies about Brazilian Portuguese in terms of their description and analysis. Also, to observe if syllabic organization, accent and rhythm influence the occurrence of the processes; In what contexts and at what hierarchical levels can occur. These objectives, on the one hand, are what justify this research. On the other hand, the fact that there is no other linguistic-phonological research in the city of Goiás. It can be seen, in addition to other aspects, that: a) in all phenomena resyllabification occurs with loss of elements; B) there are contexts in which processes always occur and others in which they never occur; C) the accent blocks the occurrence of the processes; D) the rhythmic prominence is certainly acting in the blockade of the sandal;E) processes can occur in all prosodic boundaries including between Us It is important to emphasize that the presence of pause is a condition for the non-restructuring of U. It can be said that the phenomena analyzed are similar to those already observed by researchers in other Regions of the country.

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