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February 2015, Vol. 1 (2), ISSN:2449-1586

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Research Article

Analysis and Diagnosis of Queue Lines in a Drugstore of the IMSS Clinic-Hospital in The City of Cuernavaca

José Alberto Hernández Aguilar1, Augusto Renato Pérez Mayo1* & Francisco Cervantes Osorio1

1Accountability, Management and Informatics Faculty,
Autonomous University of Morelos State,


Accepted 30th April, 2015; Available Online 25th May, 2015.


We supply an example of the application of operations research tools particularly Waiting Lines or Queuing Theory to the service employees in a drugstore of the Mexican public sector in the city of Cuernavaca, state of Morelos, to find a solution to the problems faced by many of their customers. We describe the system’s initial conditions, and then apply a model to help decision makers in raising the level of service quality and customer satisfaction. Preliminary results show a high level of dissatisfaction associated with the waiting line at the server station.

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