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Weber Agricultural Research & Management (ISSN:2449-1640)

Weber Business Management (ISSN:2449-1586)

Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies (ISSN:2449-1608)

Weber Economics & Finance (ISSN:2449-1662)

Weber Medicine & Clinical Case Reports (ISSN:2449-1624)


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Recently Published Articles

Kinetics Leaching of Ulexite Mineral For The Obtaining of Boric Acid
Teófilo Donaires Flores & German Quille Calizaya

Pedagogy in the Context of Education Mediated by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Teresa de Jesús Cárdenas Gándara & Juan Manuel Cárdenas Gándara

The Collegiate Work in the Higher Education Field: A Look at the Sociocultural Theory
Norma Angélica Ávila Cano

The Formation in Values: Antecedent of Information of Sexual Content
Elvira Perales Ruiz

Co-construction IAP of the Uchuva Production Chain in the Municipality of La Calera-cundinamarca, Based on International Commercial and Environmental Standards
Laverde Infante, Alejandra & Lemos Mejía, Ma. Ximena

The Gender Equality Unit as a Transformation Tool for Equity
María Guadalupe del Socorro López Álvarez

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