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Weber Agricultural Research & Management (ISSN:2449-1640)

Weber Business Management (ISSN:2449-1586)

Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies (ISSN:2449-1608)

Weber Economics & Finance (ISSN:2449-1662)

Weber Medicine & Clinical Case Reports (ISSN:2449-1624)


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Recently Published Articles

Study of the Prevalence of Iron-deficient Anemia in the Group for the Defense of Child with Cancer - GRENDACC in Jundiaí-SP
Juliani Franco Pereira, Veronica Cristina Gomes Soares, Ana Beatriz Carollo Rocha-Lima, Rodrigo Eduardo da Silva, Guilherme Gomes Silveira, Daniel Thome Catalan & Sabrina de Almeida Marques

Endovascular Treatment of Iatrogenic Internal Carotid Artery Bifurcation Dissecting Aneurysm following Craniopharyngioma Resection
Giancarlo Saal-Zapata MD, Walter Durand MD, Kenneth López MD, Jesús Flores MD, Dante Valer MD, Ricardo Vallejos MD & Rodolfo Rodriguez MD

Productive Articulation in the Automotive Sector, Cd,juarez-el Paso,tx, Updated Situation and Development Perspectives
Juan José Huerta Mata, Ruth María Zubillaga Alva & Adriana Cordero Martín

Phycological flora of the Lagoa da Saudade, Morro da Nova Cintra, Santos, SP.
Thayná Gonzaga Santos & Sidney Fernandes

Local Culture and Mark: Relations between Communication and Reference Groups, the Folkloric Festival of Parintins in the Brazilian Amazones
Ana Paula Almeida Miranda

Relationship between School Sport and Sport Land in the City and Maputo Province, Mozambique
Clemente Afonso MATSINHE  & Lourenço Mascarenhas JUNIOR

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