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Weber Agricultural Research & Management (ISSN:2449-1640)

Weber Business Management (ISSN:2449-1586)

Weber Educational Research & Instructional Studies (ISSN:2449-1608)

Weber Economics & Finance (ISSN:2449-1662)

Weber Medicine & Clinical Case Reports (ISSN:2449-1624)


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Recently Published Articles

Innovative Praxis in the Teaching of Physics through Experimental Activities to Improve Academic Performance
Elizabete Rodrigues

Sugar Agroindustry and Its Socio-economic Impact in the Towns of Potosi and Buenos Aires, Nicaragua
Mtro. Rodrigo de Jesús Murillo Canda & Dr. Edgar Palazio

Establish Ship Fueling Terminals at Western Coast KSA and Reflect on GDP
Dr. Akram Elentably, Dr. Saad Aldosari, Dr. Mohamed khandorh, Eng. Alfred Bawoly & Mr. Mohamed Alsherif

Tetrahedral Lattice Theory of Quantized Space-time and the Experimental Determination of Its Fundamental Parameters
Diógenes Aybar

Crack Use by Children of Mothers Who Use Drug: A Systematic Review
Bárbara Borges D'Angelo, Ana Carolina Barreto, Ana Clara de Moraes Bittencourt, Camila de Oliveira, Caroline Siriano Bonagura & Nathan Mendes Souza

Human Resources: The Process of Recruitment and Selection in Small Businesses
Dandaro, Fernando, Silva, Ana Cláudia & Carvalho, Daltro Oliveira de

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